Image showing Glasgow hospital vets treating orthopaedics patient at Vets Now

Our ECC service explained

In the UK, specialty referral options remain limited for critically-ill patients, particularly at weekends.

We also appreciate just how difficult and stressful it can be to care for critical patients during the day. We understand that many of these patients require constant monitoring, advanced diagnostic testing as well as a large time input.

Our 24/7 emergency and specialty hospital in Manchester aims to provide your patient with the best possible intensive care and monitoring, and we will keep you and your client informed of progress and options at all times.

We offer round-the-clock nursing and veterinary care for critical pets, such as those with traumatic injuries, cardiac arrhythmias, respiratory distress, coagulopathies, DIC, toxin ingestion, sepsis and SIRS.

Contact our dedicated ECC team to discuss any case, whether it be out of hours or during the day.  David Owen, Lead ECC Vet, Emma Donnelly, Referral Clinician in ECC, and Rachel Liebelt, ECC Specialist, lead our ECC service.

If you would like to refer a case please contact our hospital or use the form here.