Our internal medicine department is headed by James and his dedicated team including a veterinary technician specialist nurse in internal medicine.

Our internal medicine service prides itself on seeing complex and challenging cases. The service has access to the latest equipment including flexible endoscopy (for all endoscopic procedures including cystoscopy), fluoroscopy (for high detail swallow studies), balloon dilation (for the treatment of oesophageal strictures), and minimally invasive sinonasal aspergillosis treatment plans.

The medicine team work closely with their colleagues in soft tissue surgery, ECC and diagnostic imaging to provide a complete service no matter what the presenting problem.

As with all our disciplines we provide competitive package prices for the investigation of a multitude of conditions, example of such can be seen below:

We have also become a hub in the North West for the diagnosis and treatment for feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) with the use of remdesivir and GS-441524. We have successfully treated and cured over 20 patients in the last year and would be keen to see any other potential FIP cases.

Working closely with internal medicine and all our other departments is our diagnostic imager Pedro. He is experienced in advanced abdominal ultrasonography including the diagnosis of various disorders (including portosystemic shunts), and performing ultrasound guided diagnostic tests such as aspiration, SUB flushing and Tru-cut biopsies. Pedro also plays a pivotal role in advanced imaging studies we are able to perform with computed tomography.

James McMurrough

RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Medicine and Veterinary Cardiology

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Pedro Borges of Vets Now Manchester Hospital

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