Emergency care for your clients at nights, weekends and on bank holidays

At Vets Now, we cover your out-of-hours care, leaving you and your team to focus on providing a first-class service to your clients during the day, and enjoy a well-deserved rest when you leave the clinic.

With more than 60 clinics and 24/7 emergency and specialty hospitals across the UK, we have the largest out-of-hours emergency caseload in Europe, meaning we truly understand what it takes to run a high-quality OOH service.

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What can our service do for you?

Work-life balance

You can relax and enjoy your free time with no more on-call and unpredictable evenings and weekends.

Retention & recruitment

With no more on-call nights and weekends, your team is able to focus on their day-time caseload, improving staff performance and client care.

24/7 client care

Rest assured that your clients will receive clinical care 24 hours a day, with OOH emergencies handled by a dedicated team.


We operate solely as emergency vets, so our training, extensive experience and expertise is completely focussed on emergency and critical care.

No competition

We will never provide any routine first-opinion work and will always pass your cases back to you. We complement rather than compete, making us a natural extension of your service.


Make the most of the opportunity to develop your business and grow profits by removing the risk of bad debt accrued by running an OOH service.

How our service works

Transfer calls

When your practice closes you’ll switch your phones to Vets Now’s emergency number. Our trained contact centre team will be on hand to answer your out-of-hours calls.


Our highly-skilled team will see any cases requiring emergency treatment. Typically, one in four pets needs to be seen, while the rest are reassured that they can wait to see your team the following day.

Return to work

In the morning we’ll transfer hospitalised cases back to you where possible, and we’ll recommend any outpatients come back to see you.

Continue care

You’ll receive medical histories for every patient we have treated first thing the following morning, so you’ll know exactly which of your clients we’ve seen on your behalf, allowing you to continue care.

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