To avoid an emergency vet visit this summer, ensure you try to avoid these hazards and keep your pet safe.

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Your dog walking temperature guide

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Summer emergencies in numbers

Last year we had over sixty-six thousand cases during summer. From bee and wasp stings to kebab skewers and corn on the cob, our infographic shows a breakdown of cases we have seen at Vets Now across the country.

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Don’t sweat it. Prevent it.

Know the signs of heatstroke, and how to tell if
your dog is suffering from it.

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Be prepared, wherever you are this summer

If you’re enjoying a summer adventure, away from home, make sure you know where your nearest emergency clinic is – just in case. And remember, our vets are just a tap away with Video Vets Now. Book your appointment and get chatting to a qualified vet from your campsite, caravan, or conservatory. We’re here for you seven days a week from 8am – midnight on weekdays and 8am – 11pm on weekends.

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dog spraying water

11 tips from a vet on how to keep dogs cool in hot weather

Many owners will ponder how to keep dogs cool in hot weather. This article provides top tips from a vet on how to avoid dogs overheating.

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Micah bengal cat

Skewer-scoffing cat demonstrates dangers of summer BBQs

A cat needed urgent surgery after a bin raid saw it scoff two long chicken satay skewers.

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Denver_dog on a beach

Scavenging Denver treated for fish bones lodged in stomach

A mischief-maker dog called Denver – who likes chewing the cardboard from loo rolls – had a brush with disaster when he wolfed down fish bones he scavenged at the beach.

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Bowie dog VN case study

Collie chomps skewer in park; rushed into surgery

An Aberdeen dog owner had to rush her pet for emergency vet treatment after it ate a foot-long chicken skewer from a barbecue in a city park.

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