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The past few months have seen a phenomenal rise in two things: people getting new pets and people booking summer ‘staycations’ rather than travelling abroad.

Wherever the summer adventure takes you and your pet, our vets are just a tap away with Video Vets Now. Book your appointment and get chatting to a qualified vet from your campsite, caravan or conservatory, for just £24.

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What do our users say?

  • Lisa Chapman

    The vet who consulted with me was fantastic. He put me at ease and my mind at rest and made a distressing situation a little easier. He was very knowledgeable with his help, we agreed I should see my own vet next week. Thank you so much.

  • Natalie Hurley

    Really good to speak to a vet about my bunny. Glad to be able to see a vet via video call.

  • Richard Sleeman

    I was really worried about our cat Mabel, who was completely lacking in energy. The vet, Elise, was very patient, reassuring, thorough and helpful. I have since discovered that Mabel ate some of our neighbours African lilies from their garden.

  • Angela Newman

    I spoke with Dave after my cavalier ate a bar of dairy milk I was stashing from the kids! (110g one not the small one!) Dave totally put me at ease after calculating his weight and how much Rocky had ingested and talked me through what to keep an eye out for! Such a good service! Thanks so much

Staying safe on staycation

Preventing a pet emergency

Heading on an adventure with your pet? Don’t miss our advice on how to keep them safe, healthy and happy this summer.

To make sure you’re prepared for the worst, it’s worth locating your nearest emergency clinic and saving the number – just in case.

Find your nearest emergency vet clinic

Beating the heat

Watch now: summer hazards for dogs and cats

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