What the course entails

The Cert VN ECC is a further education course that’s been designed to build on and develop your existing nursing skills and knowledge, with the intention of enhancing patient care in emergency and critical care cases.

The course is divided into six core units, each containing three outcomes. Students are required to complete the coursework assignment portion of the certificate in order to be eligible to sit the final assessments.

The six core units of the course cover the following topics:
Unit titleOutcome 1Outcome 2Outcome 3
Approach to the Emergency PatientTriage & CPRShock, vascular access & intravenous fluidsEmergency Diagnostics
Supporting the Emergency & Critical Care PatientMonitoring the critical patientNursing the critical patientAnaesthesia and analgesia
Emergency Medicine 1Cardiovascular emergenciesRespiratory emergenciesHaematological & haemostatic emergencies
Emergency Medicine 2GIT & medical abdominal emergenciesEndocrine emergenciesUrogenital emergencies
Emergency Medicine 3Neurological & ophthalmic emergenciesSmall mammals, birds & reptile emergenciesIntoxications
Emergency Surgical ProceduresEmergency wound managementENT & thoracic surgical emergenciesAbdominal surgical emergencies


Cert VN Syllabus

What students can expect

  • For each unit, there are three outcomes and three corresponding open learning assignments.
  • You have nine weeks to complete and submit all open learning assignments for that unit to your tutor for marking.
  • The assignments are comprised of short answer questions, which assess the practical activities and the underpinning knowledge of the units.
  • There is a word count listed for each outcome assignment to help guide students.
  • Students will be expected to show evidence of further reading, research and practical learning in their submissions. Submitted work should be referenced accordingly (Harvard method) and both aspects will be considered in the marking.
  • Your prior nursing knowledge will be assumed in some topics, as this is an advanced certificated course.
  • The course content is theory-based so students would not be expected to compile and submit case studies.  The only assessed coursework are the open learning assignments provided.

Approximate length of completion for the course is 18 months, with intakes every six months in April and October. For more details of what you can expect from the course just click on the example Coursework and Assessment Calendar.

Recommended texts & further reading

Coursework and Assessment Calendar

Cert VN ECC Syllabus