Certificate of Veterinary Nursing in Emergency & Critical Care Assessments Award completion

To gain the award of Certificate of Veterinary Nursing in Emergency & Critical Care, candidates are required to successfully complete both the coursework and final assessment components.




  • The final assessments are comprised of two open-book, scenario based, short answer question papers.
  • Assessments will be delivered remotely and must be completed using our online assessment software Proctorio, via Moodle.
  • Candidates must achieve a successful pass grade in both papers to achieve the final award of Cert VN ECC.


For those successful students, official certification is made by the awarding body City & Guilds via Vets Now. In addition, you will be entitled to include CertVNECC in your post nominals and be presented with your official pin badge.

Final assessment eligibility

To be eligible to register for the final assessment you must have completed and submitted all assignments from the six core units. An online final assessment application must be completed prior to the closing date for entries, and all invoices must be settled in good time prior to the assessment.

Once you have read the information below and have met the above criteria you will be able to register online for the final assessment. Applications open three months prior and close approximately six weeks prior to the assessment date.

Assessment content: what can I expect?

The final assessments are comprised of two open book scenario based short answer questions (SAQ) papers.

Open book means that you will have access to reference resources whilst completing the assessments. Questions will focus on a candidates higher-level learning, specifically their ability to analyse, evaluate and synthesize knowledge. Consequently, markers would expect to see evidence of knowledge, comprehension and critical thinking, rather than just recall.

To gain the award of CertVNECC, candidates must successfully attain passes in both papers.

Vets Now Certificate of Veterinary Nursing in ECC Final Assessments

  • Paper 1 will focus on Units 1 – 3, and Paper 2 will cover Units 4 – 6.
  • Please note there may be elements of crossover between units and within questions.
  • Both papers are comprised of 6 SAQs of 12 marks each.

Assessment Invigilation

  • Assessments will be invigilated remotely, using the assessment software.
  • An ID check will be completed prior to entry.
  • A webcam is necessary to complete the assessment.
  • Your screen will be recorded, and your webcam will record you, your immediate surroundings and your audio.
  • Candidates will be required to complete an honesty declaration to confirm the work submitted is entirely theirs and that no plagiarism has taken place.

Final assessment fees & application

Final assessment fees are £300 + VAT. This fee is payable upon completion of your online application for the final assessment. Non-payment of fees by the listed closing date for entries may result in your application being rejected.

No late entries will be accepted.
Certificate of Veterinary Nursing in ECC Final Assessments


Revision materials will be made available via Moodle once you have registered to sit the final assessment. This will include sample questions, lots of additional resources and webinars.

New live revision webinars covering topics such as CPR, ECGs, Blood Transfusion and a General Revision session are available for an additional fee. Registration will be available for these sessions either individually or as a group on your final assessment application.

Tutor and centre support is also still available just email us with any queries or questions