Haemophiliac puppy

Taz, a 12-week-old male Chihuahua, was presented after an acute, severe, subcutaneous bleed following microchipping.

His platelet count was normal.

Coagulation times showed prolonged PTT, suggesting an abnormality in the intrinsic clotting pathway. Differential diagnoses included lungworm, or an inherited bleeding disorder such as haemophilia.

Taz was treated with transfusions of fresh frozen plasma and packed red blood cells.

He was also treated for lungworm. Clotting factor analysis showed severe deficiency of factor VIII, confirming the presumptive diagnosis of haemophilia A.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disorder and Taz will be at high risk of life-threatening bleeds in the future and his long-term prognosis is guarded generic crestor price.

At the Vets Now emergency & specialty hospital in Swindon we can perform in-house coagulation testing, blood typing and cross-matching for rapid results in emergency situations.

We always stock canine blood products and can provide packed red blood cells, fresh frozen or frozen plasma.

When fresh whole blood is required we have a pool of both canine and feline donors to call on.