We know it can be scary if your pet has just had emergency treatment. You may find that in the hours and days after bringing your pet home, you’re wondering if they’re healing OK, or if the strange behaviour they’re showing is normal.

If you want to talk with a vet, you can reach our Video Vets from 8am until 11pm, seven days a week. They’ll be able to view your pet remotely and talk through any concerns. And if it’s the evening or weekend and your daytime vet is closed, you can visit your nearest clinic.

We’ve also assembled some resources below from our vets that might help with some of the questions and issues you may have following some common procedures.

An image of white terrier looking up as it is getting a bandaged applied
dog in surgical suit
An image of cat recovering from veterinary dentistry
An image of a Cat wearing a leg cast
Corgi puppy wearing Elizabethan collar post surgery
Image of a dog lying on a couch for Vets Now article on pet emergencies
Image of tired Labrador Retriever laying on a bed for Vets Now article on seizures in dogs
image of a cat with its eyes closed for vets now article on cat eye health and cat eye problems