Tutor Support
Distance learning offers students the flexibility to study when and where they want. But we understand it can be difficult to keep your motivation going when you’re on your own in front of a computer.

That’s why Tutor and centre support is a such an important part of the course. If you need a bit longer, have a query or maybe need to change your registration there’s always someone there to answer you whether it be by email or on the forums.

Final award of the Certificate is dependent on students completing and submitting all unit open learning assignments for marking. Therefore, each student will be allocated a tutor to mark your assignments and provide you with feedback and assistance throughout the course.

Your tutor will mark your work and will include comments and questions throughout the body of your assignment. Assignments can be graded as pass, resubmit or fail. If your tutor feels that some portion of your work requires more work or information, they will in the first instance mark your work as requiring resubmission. You will then have a further opportunity to expand on your original submission following the pointers and feedback provided by your tutor.

Requesting a resubmission does not necessarily mean your work is of a poor standard, merely that your tutor wants to confirm your understanding of certain points to ensure you gain full benefit from the learning throughout the course and that you are fully prepared for the final assessment.

Your tutor will be available to support you throughout the course; so, in addition to marking your assignments, you will be able to message your tutor via Moodle with any queries regarding the course material, your assignments or your exam revision.

Student Liaison Officer

The Student Liaison Officer looks after the operational delivery of the course, so will make sure your units and resources are available and support your progress throughout the course.

You should contact the Student Liaison Officer if you require a coursework extension, or you have any questions about the course. Also for any problems or feedback, you should contact us and we will put you in touch with the right person regarding a clinical query or help with any other questions.

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