Launch of online consultation service lets pet owners speak to our vets from home

In this time of uncertainty and with pressure on the veterinary profession to continue to deliver an excellent service to pets and their owners, we are today launching a video consultation service. This will give clients access to a vet via video, in addition to our regular clinic offering, when daytime practices are closed.

Video vet offers worried pet owners peace of mind by allowing them to speak with a specially-trained Vets Now clinician from the comfort of their home. With social distancing and isolation measures impacting many practices during the Covid-19 outbreak, our profession has to find new ways to ensure we can be there for our clients and patients at the time they need us most, in order to fulfil our duty of care.

Image of Vets Now's Video service for Vets Now

Vets Now’s current service offering will remain unchanged – clients can call us just as they always have and if they need to see a vet we’ll direct them to their nearest clinic. Video vet will allow worried pet owners who may be concerned about their pet’s health, but are unsure if it’s an emergency, to get peace of mind within a few minutes or a recommendation to come to one of our clinics if needed. These consultations will be refunded should the pet owner have to attend our clinics for further care.

With difficult times ahead for both our profession and our clients, we’re striving to provide the best possible clinical care at the time it’s needed most.

Find out more about video vet here.