Emergency and critical care provider to offer discounted out-of-hours treatment for PDSA clients, a collaboration with StreetVet and employee Angel Fund

Vets Now is delighted to announce that pet owners transferring from the Pet Practice Service to the new PDSA Pet Care scheme will be offered discounted emergency treatment out of hours.

Those signed up to Pet Care already receive cut-price treatment, as well as a free consultation and vaccination, from participating vets during daytime hours.

Now pet owners who are already registered with the scheme and whose practice uses Vets Now to cover their out-of-hours emergencies will be eligible to receive treatment at Vets Now for a flat fee of £120.

Vets Now chief executive Mark Ross said: “We already have a great relationship with the PDSA and are delighted to be strengthening our ties. More importantly, however, this initiative will benefit pet owners who, for one reason or another, find themselves in need of financial assistance.

“I’m confident it will also give peace of mind to partner practices who already have clients registered in the PDSA Pet Care scheme.”

Image of Vets Now chief executive Mark Ross
Vets Now chief executive Mark Ross

"These initiatives will benefit pet owners who, for one reason or another, find themselves in need of financial assistance."

Mark Ross Vets Now Chief Executive

The PDSA Pet Care scheme replaced its Pet Practice Service earlier this year.

The previous scheme provided free veterinary treatment for the sick pets of around 30,000 clients who met strict income and location criteria.

Now PDSA Pet Care members receive 20% off the full price of treatment, along with other benefits, for a £4.50 monthly fee.

Vets Now announce partnership with charity StreetVet

In a separate development, Vets Now has agreed to provide out-of-hours care to the pets of homeless people registered with StreetVet in Birmingham, including treating two pro bono cases each month.

The charity was set up by volunteer vets three years ago to ensure homeless people had more widespread access to veterinary treatment.

An image of StreetVet founders Jade and Sam for Vets Now article on Vets Now charity
StreetVet is an RCVS-recognised charity providing veterinary care to the homeless (image credit: StreetVet)

News of the charity initiatives comes as Vets Now launches a £200,000 “angel fund” so vets can save the lives of sick pets otherwise destined for euthanasia.

Vets Now vets are to be given £1000 a year each to treat critically-ill patients who would otherwise face being put to sleep.

The “angel fund” idea came from frontline veterinary staff and is being championed by Mark.

He says the initiative demonstrates that the business has animal welfare at its core and hopes it will also help combat compassion fatigue, which often affects people in caring roles and can lead to stress and burnout.

Vets will be given discretion over how they spend their allowance as long as the pets they choose to treat have a reasonable chance of recovery and their owners meet certain financial criteria.

Mark added: “Our vets and vet nurses often express concern about having to put pets to sleep because there is no one in a position to pay for their treatment.

“These are sometimes stray animals who have been brought in to our clinics by worried members of the public or pets whose owners are simply struggling to make ends meet.

“These cases are heartbreaking for owners and a tragedy for their pets.

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“But they also take their toll on our veterinary staff who all entered the profession because of their love of animals and desire to save lives. The idea for an angel fund came from our frontline staff and it’s apt they will be able to use it to do what they got into the profession for.”

All of Vets Now’s vets will be allocated an allowance from the angel fund while vet nurses and other clinic staff will be encouraged to nominate suitable cases for treatment.

These three charity initiatives underpin Vets Now’s commitment to giving people and their pets the care they deserve at the very time they need it most.

If you are a Vets Now partner practice who is part of the PDSA’s Pet Care scheme and want to find out more about how the discounted out-of-hours treatment service works please get in touch with your Customer Manager.