Hospital's world class vets and vet nurses have saved hundreds of pets' lives

Vets Now’s emergency and specialty veterinary hospital in Manchester is celebrating its first anniversary.

The purpose-built facility, in the Whitefield area of Manchester, provides out-of-hours emergency provision and a first-class referral service for veterinary practices across Greater Manchester and the surrounding area.

It’s staffed by some of the country’s leading veterinary specialists – and since opening its doors last December has saved the lives of hundreds of pets.

Image of Vets Now Manchester hospital
Vets Now's highly-skilled team of vets and vet nurses at work in Manchester

“The hospital has gone from strength to strength,” said Kirsten Mcleod, hospital director at Vets Now. “The clinical team in Manchester is outstanding and the hospital’s success is testament to their ability and commitment, as well as the outstanding quality of the facilities on offer.

“It’s abundantly clear the veterinary profession share our vision for improving the standard of emergency provision in the area, and they value the support our hospital and team is providing. We look forward to working with them in Manchester for a long time to come.”

The Vets Now hospital’s team of highly-skilled emergency and critical care vets and vet nurses work alongside distinguished specialists who have expertise in areas such as small animal surgery and internal medicine.

Among the senior veterinary staff are Professor John Williams, who is an RCVS specialist in small animal surgery (soft tissue), and Louise O’Dwyer, the clinical support manager.

Other members of the team include highly respected specialists Laura Cuddy, Paul Aldridge and Andrew Murdoch as well as ECC referral clinician Kerry Doolin.

Other members of the team include highly respected specialists Laura Cuddy and Andrew Murdoch.

Image of George, a dog treated for a tumour growth at Vets Now Manchester, receiving care
George received round-the-clock care at Vets Now Manchester

For much of the first year, the hospital’s kennels have been full. Maxine Balmer knows how important the hospital is to the local community after her nine-year-old Dalmatian, George, was admitted for severe abdominal pain.

“We found George passed out on the floor, and when I checked his gums they were pale so we knew he had internal bleeding,” explained Maxine, who previously worked in a veterinary clinic, from Denton in Manchester.

“We took him to our local vet who ran blood tests and established that something was definitely wrong with George. He was then referred to Vets Now for a scan where they discovered a tumour in his spleen.”

George was quickly seen to by our specialist vets and surgery was carried out within a matter of hours. Maxine says she will always be thankful for the care Vets Now provided in her time of need.

“As soon as I walked into the hospital I thought ‘wow’. The quality of the equipment that was used and the level of care that George received was simply amazing.

“At the time I was distraught, but I left knowing that George was in the best hands, and if anyone was going to save his life, Vets Now would.”

Image of dog treated for a tumour with his two owners and other dog in the woods for Vets Now article on Vets Now Manchester
George with owners Maxine and Gary, and their Sprocker pup Rosie

George spent two days in the hospital, before being allowed home in time for Christmas.

“Not only did they treat George fantastically, but all the staff were so lovely. The level of client care is exceptional, something that is really important when you are upset,” explained Maxine.

George is now fully recovered from his ordeal and is looking forward to celebrating his 10th birthday.

“He’s got so much life in him now. I don’t think we realised before he got sick just how much the tumour must have been affecting him. He was always tired and a bit down, but now he loves to run around and have fun all of the time.”

Any veterinary practice interested in referring a case to Vets Now Manchester should call 0161 826 3848 as soon as possible to ensure staff are on-hand to provide immediate treatment.