Unwanted Chewbacca loses desperate fight for life

A dog who was found abandoned in a stranger’s garden has lost her fight for life after a three-week battle against a serious brain condition.

Little Chewbacca, as she was named due to her unusual appearance, was thrown over an 8ft fence and left for dead in Lincoln in early May.

After being discovered she was rushed to our nearby pet emergency clinic where she was diagnosed with suspected hydrocephalus.

Animal care assistant Katie Goodwin’s sister, Shelley, also suffers from the brain condition and when she heard about Chewey’s plight, she agreed to take her in.

But Shelley was left heartbroken when tiny Chewey, a Yorkshire terrier cross, lost her fight for life last night.

Image of Chewbaccy the yorkie-cross puppy for Vets Now article
Little Chewbacca was found after being thrown over an 8ft fence into a stranger's garden

Katie said: “When Chewey first arrived in the clinic we knew something was not right as her eyes were sunk and she walked in large circles or diagonal lines.

“After a thorough check by the vet, the clinical team came to the conclusion she had hydrocephalus, which is a build-up of fluid on the brain.

“I felt an instant connection as my sister, Shelley, suffers from the same condition. This led to Shelley fostering Chewey until we could raise enough money to get her the help she needs.

“But although she was initially thriving, her condition deteriorated rapidly this week. It’s very sad and we’re all heartbroken.”

Image of Chewbacca and Shelley for Vets Now article
Chewbacca was being fostered by Shelley until her tragic death

It’s believed Chewey was dumped by unscrupulous puppy breeders who feared they would not get any money for her.

Sadly, she appears to be a victim of the heavy demand for fashionable dog breeds, fuelled by celebrity ownership and popular culture.

Katie said: “It shocked me that someone could be so cruel to such a small sweet dog, and just throw her away without a second thought.

“We were hoping to find her a forever home once she’d had the treatment she needed. Our aim was to give her the chance of living a long, normal life. It’s tragic she won’t get that opportunity.”

Earlier this month, a new law aimed at cracking down on puppy farms run by unscrupulous breeders began its journey through parliament.

The legislation, known as Lucy’s Law, will ban the sale of puppies and kittens by third parties and ensure that anyone buying or adopting one under six months old deals directly with the breeder or an animal rehoming centre, rather than a pet shop or commercial dealer.