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With consumer behaviour changing, telehealth is on the rise owners are now looking for instant healthcare advice online.  The Video Vets Now service was designed with this in mind. Responding to pet owners’ needs and offering a versatile, responsive service is important to us. 

We always direct visitors to their registered practice, regardless of that practice’s group or owner. When we refer clients, we refund the cost of their video consult, so they don’t lose out financially. Our video vets can’t prescribe medication, and the service is for non-emergencies only. 

Find out more from the FAQs and podcast below. 

Telehealth FAQs

Who's this service for?

The service offers reassurance and advice in non-emergency situations only. Before booking their appointment, the owner must review a list of life-threatening clinical signs to make sure their pet isn’t in immediate danger.

Our online vets cannot prescribe medication during a video consultation.

What happens after a video chat?

The outcome is binary: the owner is told that their pet is fine, or they need to see a vet in person at a clinic. We always refer owners to their current registered practice, with two crucial exceptions:

  • The pet needs urgent treatment while their daytime vet is closed
  • The owner is not registered with any daytime practice
How much does it cost?

Clients are charged £24 for a video chat but we’ll refund this if they’re referred to a clinic within 48 hours. In other words, clients never pay twice – we only charge if they’re not referred to a clinic after their video chat.

How does this service work with partner practices?

We direct clients back to you – we’ll never try to steer clients away from their registered practice.

Clients don’t pay twice – they won’t be disgruntled about paying again when they’re referred to your practice.

We don’t prescribe medication – we always direct clients to their existing practice for prescriptions.

It’s not for emergencies – if it’s an emergency, we direct clients straight to their registered practice. If the emergency occurs out of hours, we’ll direct clients to their nearest Vets Now clinic.

Why did Vets Now launch a telehealth service?

Virtual consults are getting more popular, just like in human medicine. It’s important for us to adapt to client demand in a changing world, and also with pet parents’ behaviours changing. We want to help clients however possible, whether they’re unable to get to their daytime practice for advice, or they’re worried about their pet and need that peace of mind. 

Vets Now is an out-of-hours care provider. Why does this service run during the day?

This is to extend the service we offer our clients. Many users visit the pet advice section of our website during the day, which indicates they have questions about their pet and are looking for advice. Video Vets Now offers owners advice and reassurance that’s specific to their pet and they can access it quickly and easily, without leaving the house.

Where are clients referred after their video consult?

If we advise clients to visit a vet in person, we always refer them to their current registered practice – unless it’s closed, and the animal’s condition is an emergency. In these cases, we’ll refer the pet to their nearest Vets Now clinic or ECC care provider as appropriate (based on location).

If the client isn’t registered with any practice, we’ll help them to locate one.

Does this service delay emergency treatment?

The service is strictly for non-emergencies only. Before booking their appointment, clients will see a list of life-threatening clinical signs and must confirm their pet isn’t displaying any of them.

Will online vets prescribe medication in future?

It’s not part of our plan for video vets to be able to prescribe medication. Video Vets Now is a triage service only, designed to help owners decide if they need to visit a vet in practice or not.

Are owners given notes after their video consultation?

Yes, all clients will be emailed the follow-up notes after their consult. If they’re referred to a practice, they’ll be encouraged to show the notes to their vet.

If the client is referred to a Vets Now clinic, the notes will be sent to the practice directly.

Image of Dave Leicester, Head of clinical intelligence, Vets Now

Q&A with our head of telehealth, Dave Leicester

In this interview, Dave discusses Vets Now’s involvement in telehealth, the importance of embracing technical solutions within the veterinary sector, and the positive effects that video consults can have for pet owners and partner practices alike.

Dave joined Vets Now as a senior vet in 2004 and since then, he’s held several clinical and managerial roles. His professional interests include clinical standards, innovation and technology.


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What our clients and partner practices think

  • J Hines

    I got a video appointment within the hour, the vet filled me with confidence and asked many questions. The email I received confirming what was said and what to look out for was fantastic. I was very impressed and wouldn’t hesitate to use this service in the future.

  • Robin Swift

    Ash was very friendly and helpful, reassured us about our dog and gave us useful advice which solved the concern almost immediately!

  • Jess Pegsy Pegram

    Laura was perfectly on time for the appointment and straight away was trying to see what she could do to help! She was kind, polite and personable; and she really helped to put my mind at ease. I really feel like she cared and wanted the best for my pet. Will definitely use & recommend this service in future.

  • Maria

    We were a little worried about our puppy. Once we spoke to the vet through the video call it really helped us to calm down and know what we should do about his condition. Really great service and really nice people.

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