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As we enjoy the warm days of summer, ensuring the safety and well-being of pets becomes a top priority. We’re here to help you give your clients a worry-free summer and help them avoid any pet emergencies.

Our Summer hub will provide access to everything that you will need at this time of year. To help you communicate the dangers of summer to your clients you can order our summer posters for your waiting room and share our summer-focused content, including blog posts and infographics on your social media.

We are delighted to be your partner for out-of-hours and emergency care and look forward to supporting your practice over the summer period and beyond.

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Summer Posters on Connect+

Order summer posters for your practice and let us help you keep your clients pets’ safe this time of year – from heat stroke to summer hazards we’ve got you covered. Click here for instructions on how to order and save the website url in your bookmarks

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Bank holiday cover

As always, we are here to support your practice over summer and beyond. You can view the days we provide out-of-hours cover over summer (as well as the rest of the year).

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We have two fantastic social media infographics which can be downloaded and used on your own social media channels to help your clients keep their pets’ safe at this time of year.

Click download image and then tap (mobile) or (desktop) to save. You are now ready to share the image and if you wish to use a caption, please see here for our suggested captions.

Image of infographic explaining how to keep cats cool in the summer
Image of infographic explaining how to keep dogs cool in the summer

Summer emergencies in numbers

Last year we had over sixty-six thousand cases during summer. From bee and wasp stings to kebab skewers and corn on the cob, our infographic shows a breakdown of cases we have seen at Vets Now across the country.

Summer Emergencies in Numbers 2024 Infographic Embed this infographic on your site. Click the embed button and copy and paste the code onto your site to show the infographic.
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Summer content to share with your clients

During summer, we see many emergencies in our clinics that relate to hazards around at this time of year. They are all easily shared on your Facebook page to help spread awareness.

dog spraying water

11 tips from a vet on how to keep dogs cool in hot weather

Many owners will ponder how to keep dogs cool in hot weather. This article provides top tips from a vet on how to avoid dogs overheating.

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Micah bengal cat

Skewer-scoffing cat demonstrates dangers of summer BBQs

A cat needed urgent surgery after a bin raid saw it scoff two long chicken satay skewers.

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Scavenging Denver treated for fish bones lodged in stomach

A mischief-maker dog called Denver – who likes chewing the cardboard from loo rolls – had a brush with disaster when he wolfed down fish bones he scavenged at the beach.

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Collie chomps skewer in park; rushed into surgery

An Aberdeen dog owner had to rush her pet for emergency vet treatment after it ate a foot-long chicken skewer from a barbecue in a city park.

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