Image showing Vets Now vets treating dog at Glasgow hospital

Out-of-hours emergency veterinary care in Greater Manchester

The Vets Now 24/7 emergency and specialty hospital in Whitefield is here to work in partnership with your daytime practice.

We will provide emergency care for your clients at nights, weekends and bank holidays, giving your team the chance to take a well-deserved rest after their working day.

Accessing our service is simple:

  • When your practice closes simply transfer your calls to our out-of-hours emergency number.
  • We’ll answer all of your out-of-hours calls and for those cases that need immediate emergency care, we’ll ask them to come down to the pet emergency hospital.
  • We’ll provide treatment and ensure your clients receive the best emergency care available.
  • For any pets we treat and send home, we’ll email across clinical notes so you’ll know each morning any cases we’ve seen on your behalf.
  • For more complicated cases that become inpatients and may require ongoing treatment, we’ll call you in the morning to discuss the next steps. If the patient is well enough to travel and you want them back to your own practice for further treatment, we’ll arrange that. However, if you’d prefer that we passed them over to our daytime referral team, we can organise that too. It’s your client and your choice on continuity of care.

When you start to use the Vets Now service for your out-of-hours we’ll provide you with client literature and maps so you can ensure your clients know exactly what to do should they experience an out-of-hours emergency. We know it can be a worrying time for clients and we want to help make it as easy as possible for them.

To find out more about using our out-of-hours service contact the hospital by clicking here.