Experience life on the front line

At Vets Now, we see more than 100,000 emergency and critical care (ECC) cases each year across our nationwide network of clinics and hospitals.  That means we’re in an excellent position to provide learning opportunities for veterinary students.

Dealing with a life-critical emergency can be daunting, particularly if it’s your first experience of such a case.  If you’re a 4th or 5th-year veterinary student and interested in gaining a head start in this exciting field of veterinary medicine, we can help.

We have opportunities for students to grow and develop outside of the university lecture theatre by spending time working alongside our talented team of ECC professionals on genuine emergencies.  We’re confident gaining this experience and improving your knowledge of ECC will make emergencies easier to deal with when you’re faced with the real thing.  To get the most out of this, we offer placements — to around 100 students a year — of one or two weeks. However, it’s important to book your space as early as possible as the placements are in high demand.  In addition, students at the universities of Nottingham, Liverpool and Bristol can also take an elective in ECC.

Annual ECC conference competition

We also offer EMS students the opportunity to enter a case from their placement at our annual ECC conference in Harrogate. The winners are invited to present their case at the event, given a CPD pass for one of the days, and offered the opportunity to win other fantastic prizes.

EMS monthly newsletter

If you would like to keep up to date with our EMS programme why not sign up for our monthly newsletter? Just email your details to [email protected].  

Please also look out for our veterinary team at your university or college. They regularly participate in career fairs so that you can learn first hand what it’s like to work in out-of-hours emergency.