Improve your skills and energise your career with AdvantEdge  

Are you a qualified vet with three to five plus years’ experience? Making the move from day practice to Emergency Critical Care (ECC), AdvantEdge offers a comprehensive programme that combines learning new skills with refreshing and enhancing your existing knowledge. 

What is AdvantEdge?

AdvantEdge gives you all the confidence you need to thrive in an emergency setting. Spend the first 2 weeks of your role learning from experienced emergency clinicians. 

The course is approximately 80 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) over two weeks , with full-time, part-time and weekends-only contracts available across the UK. 

The first week of the programme takes place in our Support Office in Dunfermline giving everyone a chance to meet in person, the second week is virtual. The programme provides the opportunity for all attendees to undertake a surgery wet lab practical, alongside sessions at our Support Office on CPR, making and reading blood smears and point-of-care ultrasound techniques.