10-week paid induction programme to help vets thrive in ECC

Are you an RCVS-registered veterinary surgeon with at least 6 months of experience in a UK small animal practice? 

With Cutting Edge, you’ll spend the first 10 weeks of your new role learning everything you need to know about life in ECC. The programme combines interactive seminars and practical workshops with workplace-based learning in your base clinic. 

How does it work?

Four weeks of the programme are spent at several of our ECC clinics with a senior clinician, learning the caseload, getting to know the team, and developing your skillset. 

You will spend some time in our central support hub in Scotland, participating in practical sessions, seminars, and getting to know your fellow Cutting Edge vets.

When you complete your 10-week induction, you’ll be ready to get started in your full-time role. 


  • Four weeks of seminars and practical workshops in Scotland with accommodation provided
  • Learn from experienced emergency clinicians with four weeks of workplace- based training with assigned clinical coaches on every shift
  • Clinic matched to you
  • Build on your existing experience
  • Competitive salary from day one

How to apply

The programme currently runs twice a year, in March and August.  Click the button below to apply for our August intake.

Alternatively, to find out more, Email Reah in our talent team to find out more information.

Apply for Cutting Edge

Want to visit us before you apply?

Got more questions? You’re welcome to visit us at your chosen clinic, where you can speak to the Principal Vet about Cutting Edge and see for yourself what a shift at Vets Now is really like. Contact [email protected] to arrange your visit.

Leap forward in your veterinary career

There’s lots of satisfaction to be gained from managing emergency cases, both medically and surgically. It’s difficult to get this in daytime practice and we’ve designed our Edge programmes to ease the transition.  All vets have strong caring and responsibility values, but we’re also looking for people who are keen to help others and progress themselves, so they’re motivated to learn and to share those learnings.  However, underpinning all of this is our vets must be strong, empathetic communicators, as emergency situations are often a time of great stress for the pet owner.