10-week paid induction programme to help vets thrive in ECC

Are you an RCVS-registered veterinary surgeon with at least 6 months of experience in UK daytime practice?

With Cutting Edge, you’ll spend the first 10 weeks of your new role learning everything you need to know about life in ECC. The programme combines lectures and interactive seminars with mentored work in your relevant clinic.

How does it work?

Our Cutting Edge programme is a 10-week training programme comprised of lectures, interactive seminars, practical training, and surgery. Four weeks of the programme are spent at one of our ECC clinics with a senior clinician, learning the caseload, getting to know the team, and developing your skillset.

You will spend some time in our central support hub in Scotland, participating in practical sessions, seminars, and lectures. When you complete your 10-week induction, you’ll be ready to get started in your full-time role.