Boxer Bosco needs emergency treatment after mishap

A greedy dog almost died on his birthday after swallowing a spatula covered in cake mix.

Rebecca Deacon made Boxer Bosco a cake to celebrate him turning eight.

And just like mums everywhere do with their kids, she let the loveable pooch have a lick of the spoon. Unfortunately, the hungry hound’s enthusiastic slurp saw him swallow the spatula as well as the cake batter.

Fearing the damage the soft plastic spatula could cause, Rebecca, from Dunstable, Bedfordshire, rushed Bosco to Vets Now in Hemel Hempstead for urgent treatment.

Image of Bosco the boxer outside for Vets Now article on dog swallowed plastic
Bosco needed emergency treatment after swallowing a spatula ©Vets Now

“We always tend to make Bosco a special dog-friendly cake as a treat each year,” said Rebecca, who runs her own long-haul travel business.

“My daughters made a carrot cake this year, so after dinner I went to ice it. Normally I put some pet-friendly peanut butter on top, and while I was doing it, Bosco was standing there drooling as he could smell it.

“It’s kind of gloopy and some it was stuck to the spatula so I reached down and let him lick it off. He likes yogurt and we let him lick the spoon when we have it, so I never thought anything of it. But he was trying to grab the spatula, so I went to pull it away and the top of it came off the handle.”

“It literally happened in an instant. I looked down and the top of the spatula was gone! He was just standing there, he looked totally untroubled, but we panicked at the thought of him having this big bit of plastic in him.”

“We knew we couldn’t wait and as it was evening, we called Vets Now and were told to bring him in straight away.”

Image of Bosco the Boxer sleeping for Vets Now article on dog swallowed plastic
Bosco's owner was making him a cake for his eighth birthday when he swallowed the spatula covered in cake mix ©Vets Now

Our clinic in Hemel Hempstead is one of a nationwide chain of more than 60 hospitals and clinics open seven days a week for out-of-hours pet emergencies.

Covid-19 restrictions meant Rebecca had to hand Bosco over and then wait in the car for a call after assessment.

“We quickly established that the best way to deal with this was to give Bosco an injection to make him sick so that he brought up the soft plastic,” said senior vet Michelle Dawson.

“That usually works quickly, so with Rebecca’s agreement we went ahead and gave Bosco the injection. He was really brave and didn’t even notice it happen.”

Rebecca had just popped to get a late-night takeaway coffee when she got the call to say all was well.

Image of Bosco the boxer in the snow for Vets Now article on dog swallowed plastic
The team at Vets Now gave Bosco an injection to make him sick and he quickly brought the spatula back up ©Vets Now

“I couldn’t believe how quick it was,” said Rebecca. “Within minutes were told the lime green spatula head had come back up.

“He was sick and had diarrhoea for a while but when it settled, we got him home. He was a bit subdued, but he perked up over the next few days and soon got better.

“So much so he even had his birthday cake. It was really quite traumatic at the time but I can laugh about it now and a friend even ordered me a new spatula!

“It was just a relief to have somewhere like Vets Now to turn to at that time of night.”

And Vets Now even organised an extra little birthday treat to be sent to Bosco.

“I thought he deserved something nice for his birthday. I felt bad that our ‘gift’ to Bosco on his birthday was an injection to make him sick,” added Michelle. “I’m glad he got to enjoy his cake after all.”

Image of Bosco the boxer for Vets Now article on dog swallowing plastic
Bosco was able to go home later that night — and a few days later he was finally allowed to enjoy his birthday cake ©Vets Now

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