Lab bounces back after rupturing bladder on trampoline

As many of you will recall last year’s much-anticipated John Lewis Christmas advert showed a boxer called Buster jumping up and down on a trampoline.

Within hours of its release, social media was teeming with videos of other pets enjoying a bounce in their owner’s gardens.

The trend sparked concern from our own emergency and critical care vets, as well as the wider veterinary profession, about the dangers of dogs jumping on trampolines.

We have seen our fair share of serious trampoline-related injuries and would urge dog owners not to try to recreate the John Lewis ad scene at home.

One of the dogs we treated was four-year-old Labrador Harvey, who was rushed to Vets Now’s Reading clinic after lunging for a ball that had been thrown on a trampoline.

Here Harvey’s owner takes up the story:

“Our evening turned into a nightmare when our beloved, but slightly crazy, four-year-old Labrador, Harvey, decided to follow a ball that had landed on our children’s trampoline.

“He didn’t quite make it up and hit the side hard. Although we did not witness it, when we heard a terrible yelp it was obvious something serious had happened.

“With my husband supporting Harvey, we called the vet and got the car ready. As it was a Saturday evening, we took him to Vets Now in Reading.

“Although the clinic was very busy, we only had to wait a few minutes. Harvey was given some painkillers, and then he lay down and waited his turn. Vet Rebecca was amazing – she examined him and found that he was guarding his abdomen, so she feared he’d ruptured his bladder.

‘Only time would tell if he’d be ok’

“We left Harvey in the care of Vets Now and went home to console the children. Several hours later Rebecca called to
confirm he’d suffered a ruptured bladder.

“She operated on him on Sunday morning and found a huge tear in his bladder and over a litre of urine in his abdomen.Rebecca was very concerned there may be a leak from one of his ureters. Only time would tell and when we visited later that day he was poorly. Things did not look good for him.

“Many tears were shed that day because we thought we’d lose him. Monday morning came, and Rebecca called with the great news that Harvey was now eating, dragging the nurse out to the garden for a pee and may be home later that day.

“What a turnaround and true to her word Harvey was discharged that night. He was a little drowsy and out of sorts, but it didn’t take long for him to return to his usual self.

“Vets Now saved Harvey, and we are all so very grateful!”

Image of Harvey the dog hurt by trampoline for Vets Now
'Harvey's happy ending made my year'

District vet Rebecca Pope, who treated Harvey, said he’d been the perfect patient.

“Harvey was a pleasure to treat – a beautiful dog who remained in good spirits despite how unwell he was. His happy ending really did make my year. It’s these times where we make a difference that makes our often stressful jobs feel so worthwhile.”

Rebecca also heaped praise on her team that night, vet nurses Alia and Lara and vet Rosanna.

“Alia and Lara nursed him so intensively in the post-operative period while Rosanna put in many hours of overtime to ensure we continued to provide him with the highest level of care throughout what was an exceptionally busy weekend.”

If you’re worried your dog is injured or ill please contact your vet as soon as possible, or, out of hours, find your nearest Vets Now pet emergency clinic or Vets Now 24/7 hospital.