Reggie the pug's struggle with sickness

I had only had Reggie a week and he was struck down by extreme vomiting, being a Sunday evening I worried where I would be able to take him and if he would pull through. After calling Vets Now and speaking to the vet on the phone we agreed to take him in.

We knew it would cost us but they explained the full cost on the phone before we arrived so it wasn’t a shock. The vet new everything possible about dogs and seemed to know a lot about the pug breed. He was the kindest vet I have ever come across and the nurse was superb too.

Reggie had a blood test and a couple of injections and was allowed to come home that night. They reassured me all the way and put me at ease that he was in excellent hands! I hope neither of my dogs would need emergency treatment again (especially on a Sunday evening) but would not think twice to take them to Vets Now if I needed to.

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