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We're here for you this Winter

A vet with a business is 'open' sign depicting vets now professionals is available for you in the winter

Emergencies over the winter period can always be a real worry for pet owners. As always, we’re here to provide out-of-hours support and emergency care for your patients throughout this season.

To try and avoid any unnecessary trips to the vet, our partner practice hub features new posters for you to share in your practice and infographics, blog posts and case studies to share online and on social media to help keep your clients pets safe and happy at this time of year.

Thank you for your support and partnership this Christmas

In 2022 we seen a 79% spike in case load over Christmas and this included 958 dogs who had eaten chocolate and 667 dogs who had eaten mince pies. This Christmas was equally as busy, and we wanted to say thank you for your support and partnership at this busy time of year.

Our video showcases some of our hidden heroes of Christmas and how they prepare

Christmas brochures


Order NEW winter posters for your practice!

Let your clients know that Vets Now are proud to be your pet emergency service and to share common winter hazards that can affect pets at this time.

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Bank holidays

You can view the days we provide out-of-hours cover over the Christmas and New Year period (as well as the rest of the year).

We’re here to support your practice.

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Social media winter infographics

We have NEW social media infographics featuring common winter hazards to help your clients keep their pets safe at this time of year. These can be downloaded and used on your own social media channels. Click download image and then tap (mobile) or right-click (desktop) to save. You are now ready to share the image.

If you wish to add a caption please use our suggested captions.

Photo of dog in winter

Winter advice for dog and cat owners

Our articles and blog posts are dedicated to keeping pets safe and to showcase some of the emergencies we have seen in our clinics over the past 12 months. They are all easily shared on your Facebook page to help spread awareness.

An image of Murdo the dog sitting on a chair

Murdo's mince pie incident

The temptations of the Christmas season can be too much for dogs, with mince pies and other festive treats around the house.

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An image of a cat sitting in a winter outdoor setting

Eight hazards cat owners need to be aware of in winter

Cold weather can bring extra risks for indoor and outdoor cats. Find out the most common winter dangers

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Salt dough decorations send dog to Vets Now

Dog nearly died after wolfing down homemade salt dough Christmas decorations.


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