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Autumn can bring endless fun for pet owners and their pets, but as the leaves start to fall and the nights get darker, the risk of pet emergencies can increase. However, as always, we’re here for you to ‘fall’ back on with everything your client needs’ to keep pets safe and avoid any unnecessary trips to the vet.

We have updated our hub with everything you will need this autumn. We have three new posters available for your waiting rooms, focused on hazards and how to keep your pet safe near bonfire night and out on night-time walks. We also have infographics and sharable content for your social media, autumn focused blogs and case studies. And of course, we will have a bit of fun coming your way in October with our instant win autumn competition.

Autumn Instant Win Competition

Coming this October

Customer literature

Order NEW Autumn posters for your practice and let us help you keep you client pets’ safe this time of year.

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Bank holidays

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During this season, we see many emergencies in our clinics from autumn hazards – read some of our stories below.

Are acorns poisonous to dogs?

Acorns are a common sight in the autumn and winter months and owners may wonder whether dogs can eat acorns. Acorns and dogs don’t mix.

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What to do if your cat is poisoned with antifreeze

Antifreeze poisoning in cats can result in death. Antifreeze is sweet, so cats like the taste. A 6ml teaspoon could be enough to kill a cat.

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Social media asset bank - advice for dog and cat owners

We have new social media infographics which can be downloaded and used on your own social media channels. Click download image and then tap (mobile) or right-click (desktop) to save. You are now ready to share the image and if you wish to add a caption please use our suggested captions.