Sarah James, RVN, veterinary relationship and technical claims manager at Bought By Many

Sarah started working in practice in the UK in 2010, qualified in 2013 and has been Head Nurse in small animal and mixed veterinary practices. She is interested in wound management, diabetes and arthritis in small animals.

She joined Bought By Many in 2019, managing their relationships with veterinary practices in the UK and Sweden, and providing technical support to their claims teams. She is passionate about treating pets (and customers) as individuals and coaching her peers.

Outside of work, Sarah is an avid reader (recently setting a virtual book club at Bought By Many), volunteer for local animal rescues and enjoys gardening.

“I am proud of both my Indian and English heritage, growing up in Sussex meant I was often the ‘odd one out’ and remember being told I had to work harder than anyone else on more than one occasion.” Sarah is involved in diversity and inclusion work at Bought By Many. She loves encouraging those with an interest in joining the veterinary nursing profession and increasing awareness of the profession at grass roots level.