Vets Now’s AdvantEdge has been invaluable in helping countless veterinary professionals make the transition into the exciting world of ECC medicine. 

It is a way for experienced vets that are newly stepping into Vets Now clinics to gain the reassurance they need to handle ECC cases with confidence. 

AdvantEdge was designed by experienced emergency clinicians and is aimed at experienced small animal and mixed practice vet surgeons looking to enhance and consolidate their existing ECC knowledge and skills.  

It can be a beneficial option for vets with various backgrounds, including those who may have previously moved away from the field for family or professional reasons.

It is delivered twice a year, in May and November, and hosts up to 18 vets in each intake.

Malishia Moyes, Edge Programmes Manager, gives an overview of the course 

The first week is held at Vets Now’s support office in Dunfermline, with vets accommodated in a tranquil loch-side setting in picturesque Kinross. Vets receive full salary to take part in the programme and accommodation costs are covered for the week in Scotland.   

During the week, the participants get clinical and non-clinical sessions delivered by experienced emergency clinicians. This includes several practical sessions, providing hands-on training and small group training seminars. 

As well as getting the chance to meet the support staff and familiarising themselves with the Vets Now set-up, being alongside similarly minded vets is a major part of the programme. 

“The vets that come along really form a bond because they are all away together,” said Edge Programmes Manager, Malishia Moyes.  

“Doing it all online would have meant missing out on the group bonding and taking part in the practical sessions,” said Malishia. “The benefit of in-person training includes the opportunity to road-test technical skills in a simulated, safe environment along with facilitating peer support.”  

The second week is delivered online, again with a mix of clinical and non-clinical elements delivered by the experienced emergency clinicians. 

Those taking part in the AdvantEdge programme benefit from approximately 80 hours of CPD over the fortnight, from point of care ultrasound and blood gas analysis to cardiac emergencies, transfusion therapy, and much more. 

One of the most popular sessions is a full day spent at a surgical wet lab facility.

“Having the opportunity to perform common surgical emergency procedures with one-to-one input from an experienced surgeon is invaluable component of the training,” said Malishia. 

“It’s always one of the most popular parts of the programme.” 

Benefits and flexible contract options 

After vets have taken part in AdvantEdge, roles within Vets Now offer various rota options and flexible start dates. While the programme runs twice a year, clinicians can start their roles at a time which works for them.  

At Vets Now, on average a full-time vet will work 40 hours per week, usually over three shifts, with a 1:2 weekend commitment and a fair share of bank holidays.  

There are also flexible part-time and weekend-only options across Vets Now’s nationwide network of clinics, to allow vets to find a balance that works for their lives.  

“AdvantEdge is often the next step for vets with 3- to 5 years of experience in practice, but it would also suit someone who has taken a break to have children or perhaps taken a different career route,” said Malishia. 

The AdvantEdgeProgramme includes: 

  • Blood gas analysis 
  • Transfusion therapy 
  • Recognising and managing shock 
  • Fluid therapy 
  • Respiratory emergencies 
  • Cardiac emergencies 
  • Neurological emergencies 
  • Surgical emergencies 
  • Clinical reasoning and decision making in ECC 
  • Team and pet-owner communication 
  • Adjusting to nightwork 

Thinking about AdvantEdge?

Are you a qualified vet with three to five plus years’ experience? Making the move from day practice to Emergency Critical Care (ECC), AdvantEdge gives you all the confidence you need to thrive in an emergency setting.

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