It’s about matching the right people with the right role

Britain left the European Union at the end of 2020 and 2021 sees a new landscape for those coming to work in the UK.

But for vets and vet nurses wanting the very best in their careers, the switch couldn’t be smoother.

At Vets Now, the leading provider of ECC in Europe, we’re continuing to welcome applications from across the EU and the wider international veterinary community.

And we have a dedicated team on hand to ensure talented clinicians are warmly welcomed into the Vets Now family.

Here we meet principal talent partner, Jay Hamill, whose job is to match the right people with the right role.

How do you find the best candidates for Vets Now?

At Vets Now, recruitment isn’t just about filling a job. It’s about getting the right person in a role that’s sustainable for them and the business. We want to retain people and invest in them as their development can only be a good thing for our business. We’ve got an in-depth candidate process which helps us to profile a candidate and find out all about their experience and goals for the future. Once we know all that, we can match them up to a role that is suitable for them.

How can you help vets and vet nurses coming from the EU?

For any clinician coming from the EU, this will be a totally different experience to the one their predecessors had as we no longer have free movement of people. But it isn’t a new process for us and isn’t difficult. We’ve always had to sponsor candidates from countries outside of the EU. So candidates can take confidence from that. We anticipate this will be on a bigger scale moving forward due to Brexit but we are fully prepared and ready to support. The talent team are fully trained in helping candidates deal with the visa application process.

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What other changes should applicants be aware of?

There has been a relaxation by the government of some guidelines which makes it easier for employers to hire. For example, we used to only be able to apply to sponsor people on one day of the month. Now it’s more fluid so we can apply whenever we have a candidate ready, which should reduce delays. Candidates do now need to meet certain requirements but we can advise on what those are and try to help candidates meet them. Full advice is also available on the UK government website.

What happens when a successful candidate takes up their new role?

You will quickly realise on starting your role that there is an extensive support network in place for you. There will always be someone on the other end of the phone at all times. We know how big a step it can be for someone coming to work here from overseas as they’re uprooting their entire lives. We’re always here to give them information, support and, if needed, just to provide a friendly face and voice. It’s not only about making sure they get the best of our ECC training, which is second to none, it’s about helping them settle in so they really do have the opportunity to develop their skills and progress their careers in the way they want.

What support is in place on the clinical side?

We have senior vets and senior vet nurses in every clinic who are responsible for mentoring their teams as well as highly-experienced area managers who oversee the running of several clinics. But we know every candidate is unique and we’ll take on board their individual requirements during the recruitment process. If, for example, someone has all the necessary skills but has some concerns with their confidence, we will try to ensure they receive plenty on-the-job training and mentoring before going sole charge for a period. That can give them the necessary experience and confidence boost they need.

Is it a one-size-fits-all approach?

No, it’s as bespoke as it can be. We recognise that everyone is different and we try our best to accommodate for that. if the talent team aren’t the right people to provide answers for any specific queries or concerns you may have then we will try our best to find out the answers or provide a contact that can.

This isn’t a new process for us as we’ve always had to sponsor candidates from many countries outside of the EU. So candidates can take confidence from that... The talent team are fully trained in helping deal with the visa application process.

Jay Hamill Principal talent partner

How does the talent team find potential candidates?

There is a skill shortage of vets in the UK, so it is a niche market that we operate in already. When you add emergency and critical care as a specialty into this, it makes us a niche within a niche. That can present a challenge as we don’t always have candidates applying for the roles we are looking to fill. We have an experienced talent team that network and engage with candidates every day on social media and through networking groups as well as listening to the recommendations of existing members of staff.

What’s your own background?

I’ve worked in recruitment for 18 years now, the last four being with Vets Now. In my previous roles I focused primarily on oil & gas and engineering recruitment. It was a big change for me at the time but honestly, good recruitment practice looks the same in any industry. The thing I love most about Vets Now is the people. Although this is a large corporate business, we haven’t lost that small family feel. Everybody knows everybody else and cares and looks out for each other.

How do you relax away from work?

I’ve got two cats that rule my house and a small crossbreed dog I love to walk. I’m not sure any of the pets really help towards relaxing but they definitely distract me and keep me laughing.

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