At Vets Now we offer vets a number of routes into emergency and critical care.

One of the most popular is our rotating internship programme which is aimed at new and recent veterinary graduates who are keen to expand their skills, knowledge and experience in all aspects of small animal practice.

The programme serves as an excellent foundation for those wishing to pursue specific discipline specialist training in the future, or those keen to experience frontline work in emergency medicine.

Eleanor Holland, who is based in our emergency and specialty hospital in Glasgow, is almost halfway through her rotating internship. Our content marketing executive Kyle Dunn caught up with Eleanor to get her opinion on life at Vets Now.

Tell me about your background? I graduated from the University of Edinburgh in July and have been working for Vets Now ever since. I chose Vets Now because I wanted to work somewhere that had a high caseload, partly because I come from the countryside where everything is quieter. It was also clear that Scott Kilpatrick, who runs the programme and who I’ve worked with before, had put a lot of thought into it. For me, the programme also offers vets a good balance between teaching and practical experience.

When did working as a vet become an ambition? I always knew I wanted to be a vet. It started when I was growing up and my cat became diabetic. We were in and out of the vets a lot, which got me thinking about it as a career. I did work experience at the vets and just fell in love with it.

Tell me about the Vets Now internship? It’s a rotating internship, so we do five-week blocks in each of the clinical services, such as ECC, soft tissue surgery and internal medicine. We also do a two-week externship which involves working in another hospital to learn something different. The internship has provided me with great practical emergency experience. Another big plus has been working closely with the hospital’s specialists. Assisting them is a fantastic experience because it provides you with first-hand knowledge that you just wouldn’t get anywhere else.

What do you enjoy most about the internship? One of the reasons the Vets Now internship stands out from other rotating internships is the practical surgical experience you are exposed to. The cases interns are involved with out of hours, you just wouldn’t get elsewhere. I also think the balance between working in out of hours ECC  and working with the specialists is great.

Where do you see yourself in five years? I’m interested in the surgical internship programme at Vets Now, but if that doesn’t work out I’d be keen to do a surgical internship in Canada or Australia before coming back to the UK to do a residency.

Do you enjoy working in emergency and critical care? Yes.I think we’re lucky in Glasgow because there’s always a big team on-hand to support you and the staff are all so helpful. It’s never as scary as you might think and the nurses we work alongside are really experienced.

What makes Vets Now a good company to work for? There’s a really good atmosphere at Vets Now, everyone is always looking out for each other and it does genuinely feel like a big family. It’s also great there are so many wider opportunities within the business, and that resources are in place for vets if ever we need help. That’s the kind of support network you don’t really get anywhere else.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of becoming a vet? It’s not a career for you if you’re not 100% into it because it is very challenging. But for those who are committed, I’d advise getting exposure to as many different sides of the profession as possible and see and experience as much as you can.

If you would like to discuss our internship opportunities, call our recruitment team on 01383 841181 or for more information email [email protected]. For more information about our current opportunities, click here.