Border terrier Millie suffered tremors and was unable to stand up

A family dog nearly died – after she ate a mouldy sausage thrown into her garden.

Border terrier Millie began trembling and shaking shortly after coming back into the house just as owner Jakub Ovecka was preparing for bed.

Very quickly, her condition deteriorated and soon Millie couldn’t stand up.

Worried for Millie’s life, Jakub, from Folkestone in Kent, called our pet emergency clinic in nearby Ashford.

Border terrier Millie sitting in the garden for Vets Now article on dog ate old sausage
Millie quickly became very ill after eating the discarded sausage ©Vets Now

On arrival, our vet surgeon Silvia could see immediately how sick Millie was.

Silvia quickly established that she may have eaten something toxic and administered medicine to make her sick.

Millie brought up some old food, including a sausage which Jakub knew immediately hadn’t come from him.

Happily, Millie eventually perked up well enough to go home later that night – with some charcoal tablets to clean any remaining toxins from her stomach.

Millie sitting on the grass in her garden for Vets Now article on dog ate old sausage
The team at Vets Now Ashford gave Millie medication to make her sick — and she brought the sausage back up ©Vets Now

Jakub said: “Someone who was passing by has obviously decided to throw this sausage over the fence, which is very disappointing to say the least.

“I’m incredibly grateful to Silvia – she saved our dog and was there late at night exactly when we needed her.”

And he added: “I really don’t understand people complaining about the cost of emergency vet care. If you have a pet then you really should get insurance – it’s essential.

“The thing about pets is that there are times – like this – when things are going to go wrong and it can be costly.

“So thank you Silvia! You saved my best friend. I would pay any amount of money to have her better – and you did make her better!”

Millie with owner Jakub for Vets Now article on dog ate old sausage
Millie's owner Jakub thanked the team for saving his best friend ©Vets Now

It’s believed the sausage Millie ate may have been mouldy.

Mouldy food can contain mycotoxins which are highly dangerous to dogs. Mycotoxicosis, which is poisoning by products contaminated by fungi, can be fatal.

Dog owners should always keep food waste well out of reach of dogs and seek urgent veterinary advice if they suspect their dog has eaten mouldy food or raided the food recycling bin.

Silvia said: “Poor Millie really was very unwell indeed when she arrived. Her owner did the right thing in seeking help straight away.

“Her case also demonstrates just how important it is people dispose of leftovers carefully.

“If you’re worried your dog has eaten something toxic contact your vet as quickly as possible. Time really is of the essence.

“Millie was such a lovely dog. It was great to see her recover so quickly and we’re pleased that everything is fine now.”

All of Vets Now’s premises always have a vet and vet nurse on site.

We also offer an online video consultation service to make professional veterinary advice more easily available.

While the service is not suitable for life-threatening emergencies, like Millie’s, our experienced vets are available to discuss any worries or concerns you might have.

If your pet needs an in-person follow-up appointment at any vet practice, Vets Now will refund the online consultation fee, so you never pay twice.