Cat was rescued after motorway workers on M62 saw what happened

A big-hearted vet nurse has adopted a kitten who survived being thrown from a moving car on a busy motorway.

Rachel Hilton, 39, customer manager at Vets Now’s pet emergency hospital in Whitefield, Manchester and a registered veterinary nurse, took in eight-week-old Dash just days after road workers on the M62 rescued him.

They had watched in horror as the black and white kitten was hurled from the window of the moving vehicle. After picking him up and giving him refuge in their van, the workmen handed Dash to traffic police who drove him to Vets Now.

The hospital’s expert team of vets and vet nurses treated Dash for shock but, to their astonishment, found no serious injuries. Mum-of-two Rachel, who lives in Manchester, admitted she and Dash developed an instant bond during his stay.

Image of Dash, the kitten thrown from a moving car, sleeping
Dash was given his name by one of Vets Now's animal care assistants Laura Hayes

She said: “Dash was in the hospital for a few days and while I’d no intention of getting a cat, his quirky personality won me over. He’s settled in brilliantly at home and is a big hit with my husband, two children, James and Emily, and our dog Ana.”

Dash’s plight became national news when North West Motorway Police posted pictures of the tiny feline in a bid to find the person responsible for abandoning him.

Alongside a photo of a workman cradling Dash in his arms, their post read: “This little fella rescued from J18, M62 after road work crew sighted him being thrown from a moving vehicle. Further enquiries to ID offender.”

The post sparked outrage, with scores of people across the country voicing their disgust.

Image of Dash, the kitten that was thrown out of a moving car
Dash was rescued by road workers after being thrown from a moving car

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Rachel added: “Our veterinary staff see all sorts of difficult cases but Dash’s plight left everyone in the hospital horrified. No one could believe someone could be so cruel.

“Everyone here is delighted Dash has gone to a good home. I only began to realise how famous he was when I took him to my local vet for his first vaccinations.

“All the staff and clients in reception knew his story. Needless to say, he was happy to meet them all. He’s such an affectionate cat and loves to pose for the camera.”

Paul Wilson, hospital manager at Vets Now in Manchester, praised Rachel for her kindness and compassion.

He said: “Vets and vet nurses are, by their very nature, caring and considerate people who go into the profession because they want to help animals.

“But Rachel has gone above and beyond by adopting Dash. We’re just delighted his horrific story has had such a happy ending.”

Police have confirmed no one has been arrested in connection with Dash’s case and are appealing for information.

The Vets Now pet emergency hospital in Manchester – where Dash received treatment – is regarded as one of the finest facilities of its kind in the UK.

It’s one of three Vets Now hospitals across the UK that are open 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week, to treat any pet emergencies that may occur.