Spring means light nights and warmer weather but for pet owners, it comes with its own set of challenges too – and we’re not just talking about Easter Eggs.

To help make spring as fun as possible for you and your pets and to avoid any preventable trips to the vets, we’ve put together a hub of essential information for owners.

Don’t forget to find your nearest Vets Now pet emergency clinic, just in case you need it. And if you’re looking for personalised expert advice you can book an online video consultation with our vets and talk through your concerns from the comfort of your home.

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Enable our Alexa skill or Google action to use our dog chocolate calculator and other features.

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Watch now: top spring dangers for cats and dogs

Our emergency vets have revealed the hazards that could make your dogs and cats ill this spring. Check them out below.

Spring dangers for dogs

Are you prepared?

Spring dangers for cats

Spring advice for dog and cat owners

A dog looking at flowers for Vets Now spring hub

How to treat bee and wasps stings

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to treat your pet and learn when you should call a vet.

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A tick attached to a pet's skin for Vets Now spring hub

How to remove ticks at home

Find out how to safely remove these disease-carrying parasites from your pet.

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A young collie for Vets Now spring hub

Dog adder bite advice

Adders start coming out of hibernation in spring. Find out what to do if your pet is bitten.

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Vets Now plants that are toxic to cats

Plants and flowers that are toxic to cats

Flowers are one of the most popular gifts but did you know some can make your pet extremely ill?

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Per poisonng in Spring

Pet poisoning advice

Pet poisonings are one of the most common emergencies we see. Learn more about all the things that are poisonous to pets.

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Rat poison dangers for pets

Rat poison dangers

Rat poison is extremely dangerous to pets. Learn how to spot the signs of rat poisoning in dogs and what to do if they’ve eaten some.

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A young dog lying with its head on a cat for Vets Now spring hub

How to create a pet friendly-garden

Enjoy the outdoors while making sure your pet is safe from the many hazards your garden presents.

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Use our dog advice chocolate calculator

Use our chocolate calculator

Use our dog chocolate toxicity calculator to find out whether your dog needs treatment.

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