New year checklist for your pet

Here's some top tips to keep your pet in top shape in the New Year. read more

After lots of TLC tiny Alfie makes a full recovery and is back home for Christmas

Alfie had severe diarrhoea causing loss of fluids, protein, sugar and salt, making him very weak and unable to stand. Overnight he received transfusions of all of the above along with intensive care, lots of cuddles and coaxing to eat from the staff. By morning he was on his feet and starting to wag his tail. read more

Final programme and lecture synopsis released for our Crieff 2 Day Small Animal CPD Meeting

Held on 15th & 16th May 2014, our Crieff 2 Day Small Animal CPD Meeting is the perfect CPD for all veterinary practitioners. It's not just ECC, but instead focuses on a variety of small animal medicine and surgery topics suitable for all vets and veterinary nurses. read more

Cat Poisons InfoGraphic

Check out our handy Infographic on 6 common Cat Poisons that owners should know about! read more

Pippa's Christmas comeback

Pippa had a very bad fit the Sunday before Christmas, which had been going for over half an hour when Pippa's owners brought her into Vets Now. The clinic team quickly calmed Pippa down and managed to help her rest. Following the fit Pippa was extremely tired and suffered a temporary loss of vision - but with a good nights sleep she was able to see again. Pippa soon returned home, and over the next couple of days she completely recovered! read more