VetCel Toxicology Meeting - 12th August 2015

Interested in attending the upcoming VetCel Toxicology event on 'Pet Poisoning in Practice. A practical guide to management and diagnosis'? Find out how... read more

A very good Crieff 2 Day Small Animal CPD Meeting

Returning to Crieff Hydro Hotel on 14th & 15th May 2015, we were thrilled to welcome around 180 delegates to the 4th Crieff 2 Day Small Animal CPD Meeting. Over 85% of delegates hailing from 70 veterinary practices across Scotland and the North of England, ensured a good mix of delegates coming together to enjoy some great small animal CPD, visiting the exhibition and a fabulous social evening. read more

With the bank holiday weekend underway, here's a little reminder of what to do if you have an emergency with your pet

Emergencies normally happen when you are least expecting them and at the most inconvenient time. Knowing what to do and what not to do can make a difference to saving your pet’s life. Below are some guidelines you may find helpful. read more

Provision of new VN Times bursaries celebrates dedication of self-funding Cert VN ECC students

VN Times has launched a special bursary to reward registered veterinary nurses who have gone the extra mile and are expanding their skills and knowledge. They have teamed up with Vets Now Ltd to give £50 to every RVN who this spring achieved the company’s small animal emergency and critical care qualification, having paid the course and exam fees themselves. read more

Infographic: BBQ Dangers for Dogs

When the hot weather arrives and everyone heads outside, we want to remind pet parents that keeping animals safe from accidental poisonings and potential hazards should not end once you've stepped outside. At Vets Now, we tend to see a rise in injuries and poisonings over holiday weekends, particularly if we get a spate of hot weather. read more