After a difficult birth Vic the Degu has 4 healthy pups!

Kate's lovely Degu, Vic, had been expecting for a while. She began giving birth, but sadly six hours and one stillbirth later, she was still struggling with rest of the litter. After a phone call to Vets Now Sheffield, she was brought in for examination where delivery by caesarean section was advised. read more

Rosie the Westie swallows a whole pear

Eating pears may be a regular activity for humans, but Rosie the West Highland Terrier took getting her five a day to extremes when she swallowed one whole while out on a walk. read more

Things went disastrously wrong when Lottie the Chihuahua attempted to help with the DIY

Poor Lottie had been attempting to help with the DIY at home when things went disastrously wrong. Knocked unconscious at home, she was still very dazed and unable to stand by the time she reached the clinic. Lottie was tiny, weighing in at barely over 1kg, so to survive something 20 times heavier than herself falling on her meant she was already showing herself to be a fighter. read more

Millie the kitten is rushed to Vets Now after eating lily flowers

I (Millie) managed to get to some Lily flowers I wasn't supposed to get near and tried to eat them (you can see the pollen around my face in my picture!). I had to stay at Vets Now overnight while they made me all better! But thanks to your quick treatment and the several days of continued fluids, I am now home safe and enjoying all the fuss from my worried parents! read more

Brave Josh is happy to be home after suffering a severe bite wound and broken ribs

Handsome Josh, seen here showing off his best sunbathing pose, was recently treated at Vets Now Referrals, Glasgow with a severe bite wound to his chest and broken ribs. He had a tough time, but is now very happy to be back home getting spoiled rotten! read more