Heading to the beach with your dog this summer? Here are some top beach safety tips

If you are lucky enough to live near the sea or are planning a trip to the beach with your dog, here are some tips to make sure you all stay safe. read more

Beware of the dangers of flystrike in rabbits this summer

The lovely weather we've been having can lead to an increase in flystrike in rabbits. Find out how to protect your rabbit and learn about this life-threatening condition. read more

Be aware of summer hazards for pets, warns owner after kebab skewer nearly kills dog

We're urging pet owners to be aware of potential hazards and poisonings during barbecue season after a young dog nearly died from swallowing a wooden kebab skewer. Boris the Sprocker’s (Springer Spaniel/Cocker Spaniel cross) life hung in the balance when he swallowed the skewer which went through his stomach and ended up floating in his abdomen. read more

Vets Now respond to the RCVS DC ruling for Mr Chikosi

Following the recent RCVS investigation and subsequent striking off of Mr Chikosi, there has been substantial discussion and debate in multiple forums within the profession, as well as reporting in the mainstream public press. As Mr Chikosi was working as a locum for Vets Now when the incident occurred, we have taken the decision to highlight some of the key issues that we believe arise from the DC decision and also correct some of the misinformation being distributed. We are keen the debate is accurately informed and factually based. read more

"Formidable team" deliver 10 healthy, thriving pups!

When Gem ran into problems having her first litter of pups recently, her owner called his regular practice for assistance. Being out of hours, he was directed to Vets Now. Gem’s owner soon found that his initial concerns with the unfamiliar service were totally unfounded, with the Vets Now team proving to be “truly formidable”. read more