Releasing potential is one of the four core values which drive all our staff to be the best they can be

At Vets Now we’re committed to offering career progression and development opportunities so we can continue to give people and pets the care and support they need when they need it most.

However, we know that people can only achieve their potential if they receive the right support.

That’s why we provide staff who enrol in either the Cert AVP ECC or PG Cert ECC with financial support, time off to study and a cash incentive to complete the certificate.

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One of the many vets to have benefitted from our support is Michelle Dawson, senior vet at Hemel Hempstead, who recently completed the PG Cert ECC.

Michelle said: “I started the BSAVA certificate in Emergency and Critical Care [BSAVA PG Cert (SAECC)] five years ago. This month I was delighted to learn that I had passed with distinction.

“It’s been a great learning curve but I couldn’t have done it without the support I’ve received from Vets Now.

“Everyone has been so encouraging and supportive. I’ve had mentoring from other certificate holders and I’ve been able to study with other vets in the company taking the certificate at the same time.

“Vets Now recognises the time commitment required to complete a certificate so I’ve had paid study leave for exam preparation and study days. It’s been such a relief not having to juggle work hours with studying on top!”

Michelle also explained how her previous work with Vets Now had helped her thrive on the course.

“Certificate candidates are required to complete a case log, demonstrating experience with a wide range of emergency scenarios.

“The caseload at Vets Now provided the exposure to a wide range of emergencies I needed and helped me demonstrate that I could treat patients with a variety of conditions.

“I would have struggled to show such a wide variety of cases if I worked anywhere else.”

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Image of Katherine Simpson and Dominika Szpunar at the PG Cert ECC graduate ceremony for Vets Now article
Vets Now vets Katherine Simpson and Dominika Szpunar were recognised for their hard work at a ceremony at BSAVA Congress

"Vets Now recognises the time commitment required to complete a certificate so I've had paid study leave for exam preparation and study days. It's been such a relief not having to juggle work hours with studying on top!"

Michelle Dawson Senior vet Hemel Hempstead

Katherine Simpson, who is senior vet in our High Wycombe clinic, also passed the PG Cert ECC with distinction. Along with fellow graduate Dominika Szpunar, who works in Thamesmead, she received her certificate at a graduation ceremony at BSAVA Congress, which she described as “a really nice touch”.

“The ceremony at BSAVA congress gave me the opportunity to network and meet people from other courses and it was nice to get recognition for our hard work.”

Describing her route into a career with Vets Now, Katherine explained: “When I started the certificate I was working in general practice but I developed a passion for ECC during my studies and consequently changed career direction.

“I started the certificate five years ago and began working for Vets Now in June last year. My district manager Zara Kennedy has been great, accommodating my studies and providing emotional support.

“The course was brilliant and I highly recommend it. It was very well designed and it was a great opportunity to interact with such knowledgeable and approachable tutors. My ECC skills and knowledge improved from day one.”

Other Vets Now staff to have passed their certificates or gained Advanced Practitioner status recently include Rebecca Pope, Anton ThompsonLukasz Rybczynski, Paul Salmon, Lara Brunori and Nicole Laws.

Are you interested in joining Vets Now and doing your certificate? Click here to see available positions at Vets Now or call a member of our recruitment team on 01383 841 181.