Emergency vet says she’s been “much happier and less stressed” since joining Vets Now

Claire Canning agreed to join our team in Ipswich just over three years ago.

At the time she was working in a busy day practice and fighting an ongoing battle with her work-life balance.

Claire’s decision took some by surprise. After all, surely moving to a job that involved working nights – and on life-or-death emergencies – would not help with issues like compassion fatigue?

But that’s been far from the case, as Claire explains in this thoughtful testimony.

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I was looking for a route out of clinical practice.

I was physically and mentally exhausted and was starting to suffer compassion fatigue and borderline depression.

My turn around came when I applied for a job working nights at Vets Now around three years ago.

There are many things I love about working at Vets Now, but the main ones are:

1. I no longer dread my next shift as every night is a surprise. I don’t have to worry about the difficult clients that used to book in with me every Monday.

2. Most of the clients I see are super appreciative to have my help in their time of need. And happy clients generally means happy vets.

3. The level of clinical support at Vets Now is amazing with specialists, referral clinicians and senior vets at the end of a phone or email address at all hours.

Image of Vets Now emergency vet Claire Canning
Claire says joining Vets Now has helped her achieve a much better work-life balance

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4. I love the fact the company strives towards practising evidence-based medicine and is also always pushing clinical standards. The clinical standards are higher here than anywhere else I’ve worked.

5. The CPD on offer is amazing and there’s support in place to do certificates such as the Advanced Practitioner (ECC) qualification.

6. I no longer have to try to work miracles in a 10-minute appointment (although some people still wonder why I can’t just heal with my hands!)

7. However, the best part for me has been having a life again. The rotas and shift patterns are flexible, with part-time hours available. I now feel like I’m a wife and a friend, rather than just a vet. My friends and family all comment on how much happier and less stressed I am in this role. Work-life balance for me has been brill and this, in turn, makes me a better and happier vet.

Nights will not suit everyone but I think there are a lot of people just too scared to try. There are vacancies at the moment in clinics close to me so if you have any questions and want honest answers please get in touch.

Vets like me will be happy to tell you the ups and downs if you are considering a career change to nights. I wish you all luck in finding career happiness, whether you stay, go or diversify.