About the Job

Veterinary Surgeon

Up to £75,000 DOE

Plus £10,000 Recognition Bonus and up to £5,000 Relocation Allowance

Now for work life balance at Vets Now Macclesfield

At Vets Now, we understand the significance of maintaining a healthy work-life equilibrium, and this opportunity offers ample room for both honing clinical skills and career advancement whilst ensuring sufficient time for rest and personal pursuits. The full time schedule, averaging 40 hours per week, will be customised to suit individual needs, encompassing weekday nights, weekend days and nights, as well as a share of bank holidays. For individuals desiring fewer hours, part time applications are warmly welcomed.

Now for skill refinement and enhancement

With working in ECC environment, your veterinary skills will undergo refinement and enhancement. We prioritise the ongoing professional growth of our entire team, investing substantially in development initiatives. In Macclesfield, you’ll benefit from dedicated support and mentorship, both formally as part of your professional journey and informally through collaboration with our Senior Vet, Mac, who is a medicine and ECC certificate holder.

Now for innovation

If you’ve ever thought about making the move to emergency veterinary care but hesitated due to confidence concerns, consider AdvantEdge. Tailored for seasoned Veterinary Surgeons, the programme offers a power-packed 80 hours of CPD, culminating in an immersive surgical wet lab practical weekend. By blending AdvantEdge with our Vet Surgeon role in Macclesfield, you’ll not only unlock the skills needed for success but also step confidently into a thrilling ECC career.

Now for enhanced rewards and benefits

Our comprehensive benefits package encompasses private medical insurance, enhanced sick pay, and an enriched maternity policy, including six months of full pay. We value family-friendly policies, offering paternity and adoption pay schemes, as well as seven weeks of pro rata annual leave. Plus, we celebrate your birthday by granting it as a paid day off. Your well-being and work-life balance are at the forefront of our considerations.

If you’re eager to explore the clinic first-hand before submitting your application, you can arrange a visit with Mac by contacting Anne in our Talent Team through [email protected]