Video shows Molly before her treatment

An adorable dog ended up in an urgent dash to the vets – after she got a feeder ball stuck to her mouth.

Bichon Frise Molly was playing with the red toy, the size of a mini-football, when it became immovably wedged on her lower jaw, as our video graphically illustrates.

The drama happened when the five-year-old’s owner Caroline Lancaster turned her back for a second to get something from another room.

When she came back, to her horror Caroline saw little Molly panting and struggling for breath and trying to drag the ball along the floor to release it.

Caroline and her partner Lincoln both tried to prise the ball off – but it was set solid and just wouldn’t budge.

With Molly getting increasingly distressed, Caroline phoned our pet emergency clinic in Hull where our staff urged her to bring Molly in straightaway.

Senior vet Susana Jauregui said: “Not surprisingly, Molly was really out of breath when we admitted her and her heart rate was rising.

“By that point the ball had been stuck in her mouth for three hours or so and poor Caroline had had a nightmare trying to get help – until she found us.

“There was a real danger that it could lead to a fractured jaw or block Molly’s airway, so we admitted her straightaway and went to work.

Image of Bichon Frise Molly with her owners for Vets Now article on ball stuck in dog's mouth
Molly's owners Caroline and Lincoln rushed Molly to Vets Now Hull ©Vets Now

“We put Molly on an intravenous drip to keep her hydrated because she couldn’t drink.

“Then we gave her painkillers and sedatives and inserted an endotracheal tube to guarantee her airway wouldn’t get blocked.

“I was expecting to have to cut the plastic into pieces to remove it. But after we got Molly settled I was actually able to move the ball slightly from side to side and then up and down.

“Slowly, it began to loosen off slightly and then I was able to unhook the ball.

“Molly had a small laceration on the gums in the left canine but apart from the initial scare she was absolutely fine.”

Image of Bichon Frise Molly sitting on the grass for Vets Now article on ball stuck in dog's mouth
Thankfully, our team were able to remove the ball from Molly's mouth ©Vets Now

An hour or so later, a tired and wobbly Molly was well enough to go back with Caroline and Lincoln to their home in Brough, East Yorkshire.

Relieved Caroline said: “We’re so grateful to Susana and the Vets Now team for being there when we needed them – and when Molly needed them.

“They were so kind and thoughtful – it made what was a really stressful experience much easier to deal with.

“I can’t bear to think of anything untoward happening to Molly – it’s too upsetting. She is a very special dog.

“My father passed away four years ago. I was only 15 at the time and I took it very hard.

“We got Molly nearly two years ago now and it has just changed my life for the better in so many ways.

“Molly is the most loving, funny and cuddly little dog ever – and she’s pretty much always by my side.”

Caroline says Molly has changed her life for the better and she is grateful our team were there for them both ©Vets Now

Feeder balls like the one Molly was playing with have little compartments in which treats and biscuits can be placed.

Caroline said: “We’ve learned our lesson the hard way but these balls should really come with a safety warning.

“We got ours on Amazon and I messaged the supplier, who has now put a warning up.

“But if anyone is thinking about getting their dog one of these balls I’d advise them to think very, very carefully about it.

“The good news for us is that Molly is totally recovered and is back to her normal cheeky, cute and mischievous self.”

Image of Molly the Bichon Frise rolling on grass for Vets Now article on dog with toy stuck on mouth
Molly is now back to her mischievous self ©Vets Now

Susana added: “Molly was such a lovely, sweet-natured little dog. We were so pleased to be able to help – but Caroline is right: although these toys may look innocent some cheaper versions can be dangerous and, in many ways, Molly had a lucky escape.”

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