Molly rushed into Vets Now Birmingham with suspected salt poisoning

A dog called Molly got caught up in a Christmas medical drama – after she ate a tree ornament made of salt.

Unlike most dogs, two-year-old Molly, an adorable bichon frise and toy poodle mix, rarely eats anything she isn’t supposed to.

But she suddenly went into scavenger mode when her owner Nia was out at her kids’ school Christmas carol service.

While Nia was away, Molly got stuck into a salt dough Christmas tree bauble which had been expertly made by Nia’s daughter Amelia two years previously.

What mischievous little Molly didn’t realise of course is that salt is poisonous to dogs – and large amounts of it can lead to organ failure.

  1. Molly's salt dough drama

    Two-year-old Molly scoffed a salt dough ornament while her owner Nia was out of the house.

    Image of Molly the dog for Vets Now article on dog salt poisoning
  2. Molly's salt dough drama

    The ornament was made by Nia’s daughter Amelia.

    Image of Molly the dog and owner's daughter for Vets Now article on dog salt poisoning
  3. Molly's salt dough drama

    Nia’s other daughter Freya noticed the remnants of the ornament and raised the alarm.

    Image of Molly the dog and owner's daughter for Vets Now article on dog salt poisoning

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The ornament was hanging as normal on the family tree in the living room, where Molly took an unusual interest in it, clawing it off, breaking it into pieces and then wolfing it down.

It was Nia’s older daughter Freya who raised the alarm – after spotting the remains of the decoration in pieces on the floor.

Nia, from Bromsgrove, Worcs, said: “I went to look, saw what was left under the tree and realised pretty quickly what Molly had done.

“But the strange thing is that she’s never normally a chewer or interested in scavenging.

“She’s not one of those dogs who are constantly trying to raid the bin or steal food from the table.

“That’s just not her style at all – which makes what happened with the salt dough all the more out of character.

“Molly seemed fine in herself – but I Googled dogs and salt and realised that we needed to get her seen by a vet.”

Nia rang the Vets Now pet emergency clinic in Birmingham, where our staff arranged for Molly to be rushed in straight away.

Our emergency vet checked Molly over, tested her bloods and gave her medicine to make her sick.

The process was successful and a few hours later Molly was free to go home with some charcoal tablets to continue cleaning her stomach.

Molly was checked over, had her bloods tested and given medicine to make her sick. (©Vets Now)

Laura Playforth, Vets Now’s professional standards director, said: “Christmas time can be very stressful for pets with lots of changes in their home environment, alterations to their usual routines and, in some cases, lots of visitors.

“If you add into this the fact there are often a variety of new and exciting things to get their teeth into, it can be a recipe for disaster. This could explain why Molly acted unusually.

“Owners should consider creating a safe haven for their pets away from all the hustle and bustle and new sights and smells.”

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