Pet Emergency Plan

Pet Emergency Plan

As many vets close for a well-earned rest at nights and over the weekend, it’s a good idea to prepare for an out-of-hours pet emergency, just in case your furry friend falls ill.

Download your Pet Emergency Plan here.


Have a place in mind

Know where to go (day and night). Your nearest emergency vet may not be at your usual practice. Find your nearest Vets Now clinic and their contact numbers here: Find an emergency vet .


Know the numbers

Know your emergency vet’s number (both daytime hours and out of hours). Save them to your phone and pin them up on your kitchen noticeboard.

Find an emergency vet


Think transport

Always have a plan for how you’d get to your nearest emergency vet; whether by private or public transport. This includes having pet carriers available if required.


Be prepared for payment

Be prepared for payment of your pet’s emergency treatment. Make sure that your insurance is up-to-date and the details are to hand.


Have their history

Note your pet’s medical history, especially current medication. And remember to pass it on to anyone looking after your pet.

Keep everything together

We’ve put together a handy form to help you keep all your pet’s details in one place.

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Online vet consultation at Vets Now

Speak to a vet online

If you’re worried about your pet but unsure whether they need veterinary treatment, you can book an online video chat. Our vet can talk through your concerns and give you advice and peace of mind, or let you know if your pet needs to be seen at a clinic.

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Find your emergency vet

Knowing where your local Vets Now surgery is could save you time when it matters most.

We have clinics open night and day, so when you have a pet emergency, you’ll always be able to access expert care.

Find your emergency vet