Our fireworks hub brings you the latest hints and tips to keep your pet safe and calm during fireworks

We humans associate fireworks with celebration. But for many of our four-legged friends, events like Bonfire Night, New Year’s Eve and Diwali are some of the most terrifying and miserable times of the year.

That’s why we’re campaigning for a change in the law to restrict the sale and use of bigger, noisier fireworks such as rockets, roman candles and aerial wheels so only responsible licence holders can buy and set them off.

Our fireworks hub bring you all of the latest news on our campaign as well as hints and tips to help your pet stay calm and safe during fireworks season.

Keeping your pet safe during fireworks

It's time to change the law on fireworks

At Vets Now we don't believe current firework regulations do enough to protect animals or, indeed, vulnerable people. We want to see a change in the law, to bring the UK into line with countries including Ireland, that restricts the private use and purchase of bigger, noisier fireworks.

According to our poll, 96% of pet owners support tighter controls on the sale and use of fireworks.

If you agree, sign the petition started by firework campaigner Julie Doorne for a change in fireworks law.

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What owners say about fireworks:

Archie Jackson

“I’m not a killjoy and I totally agree that people should be able to celebrate special times of the year like Diwali, Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve by having a fireworks display", says Archie's owner Anne. "No-one’s talking about banning fireworks – it’s just about there being a bit more balanced and some proper protection for pets."

Image of two small dogs and owner for Vets Now fireworks and pets advice hub

Louie and Charlie McGinn

“I love fireworks but I can’t enjoy them when my dog is so miserable", says Louie and Charlier's owner, Carolyn. "One of my dogs sleeps through fireworks but the other is petrified and won’t go outside for days. Quieter fireworks are loud enough for people to enjoy but won’t terrify as many animals, isn’t that a win-win for everyone?”

Taffy Lomas

"We always dread bonfire night because Taffy is so scared. The past few years have been an absolute nightmare," says Taffy's owner, Robert. "It starts weeks before November 5 and goes on well afterwards. There must be so many pet owners like myself who hate this time of the year. It really is time there was change.”

Fireworks playlist for dogs

We’ve put together a handy playlist, featuring songs suggested by our facebook followers, for you to play for your dog during fireworks. It’s intended to keep dogs calm and hopefully you can enjoy it too.

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