Thrive, not just survive: a user guide to the brain to help build resilience and improve wellbeing at work and home

So you’ve finally got where you always wanted to be in life, or you’re at least on your way! It’s your time to enjoy the achievements that you’ve put your energy into; to feel that you are thriving at home and at work. In a highly demanding profession though, it’s easy to slip into surviving.  This lecture is about trying to avoid that common trap. Starting with a better understanding of the links between our brains, emotions, thoughts and behaviours, we’ll guide you through some empirically-based psychological strategies, boosting your existing resources to help meet life’s demands.

Delivered by Dr Jo Beckett & Dr Jess Brown, Chartered Clinical Psychologists from Time to Thrive Ltd

60 minutes of CPD

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Free webinar | Thrive, not just survive

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