Cert VN ECC course bursary up for grabs

We are thrilled to confirm that the winner of the October 2018 VN Times bursary competition is Martin Peters! Martin of PDSA Kirkdale, Liverpool, has secured a place on the October 2018 intake of the Cert VN ECC and was overjoyed to win his place. He said “I am rarely left speechless, however, how could I not be on hearing I had won the bursary for the Cert VN ECC? Shock, disbelief and wonder all raced through my head and left me smiling all day. I look forward to the challenges of the course and further learning opportunities it will provide. Totally unexpected, but thank you.”

Entrants to this year’s competition were asked to describe in just 50 words, why they should win the bursary award. Martin’s entry of “I love vet nursing. Such a varied job, no two days are ever the same. I am always put into new situations and circumstances that stretch my limits and force me to grow. I am stepping out of my comfort zone and I want to develop myself and achieve something new” was selected by the judges because they felt it clearly demonstrated Martin’s genuine enthusiasm for veterinary nursing as well as his commitment and dedication to developing his skills and knowledge in emergency and critical care. They all agreed that his entry conveyed his eagerness for the Cert VN ECC.

As well as winning a place on the Certificate, Martin will also become a columnist for VN Times, charting his “Bursary Diary” experience as he progresses through the Cert VN ECC. You can read more from Martin on the VN Times website: https://www.vettimes.co.uk/

We hope to have more opportunities available in the future, so keep your eyes peeled here for updates.