Image of parrot for Vets Now hospital Swindon exotics service

Our centre of excellence for avian and exotic pets

Part of Vets Now, Great Western Exotics is one of the only full-time staffed, avian and exotic animal-specific veterinary services in the UK. Headed by Dr Tom Dutton, a specialist in Avian Medicine, it offers a 24/7 avian and exotic animal referral service for veterinary professionals.

Our exotic team are happy to provide clinical advice, interpret radiographs and laboratory results for colleagues in other veterinary practices.

Some of the pets we treat:
  • Birds (including birds of prey, psittacine, passerine and others)
  • Reptiles (including tortoises, terrapins, snakes, lizards and others)
  • Amphibians (including frogs, newts and others)
  • Arthropods (including spiders, snails, insects and others)
  • Fish

For further information, including how to refer a case, please visit the Great Western Exotics website.