Our new Neurology service is headed by Dr Katia Marioni-Henry and allows us to treat conditions involving the nervous system rapidly and without transfer to another hospital.

Cases admitted through our OOH service during the weekend or Monday can be transferred to Neurology on the following day, or you can submit a routine or emergency referral via our website or contact us by phone. Katia works onsite Monday to Wednesday and is available to reply to advice requests by email or phone on those days.

We do not have access to MRI yet, but we have in-house CT for the diagnosis of acute intervertebral disc herniation and some intracranial diseases, and we perform cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) taps and analysis for the diagnosis of inflammatory conditions of the central nervous system.

Katia has over 20 years of experience in the field and has a particular interest in the treatment of cats with neurological conditions, acute intervertebral disc disease in dogs and cats, movement disorders in dogs and cats and surgical treatment of Chiari-like malformations.

Other reasons why your pet might get referred to our neurology department include:

We use surgical and nonsurgical means to treat neurological disorders in cats and dogs and work closely with our emergency and critical care, internal medicine, oncology, soft tissue, and orthopaedic teams to provide a complete service to your client and their pet.