What to Expect

Your visit

Your visit

Emergencies normally happen when you are least expecting them, and can be a very stressful and traumatic time for both you and your pet.  Here are some guidelines so you know what to expect when you visit one of our clinics:

  • If possible, call the clinic ahead of time to let us know when to expect you and to give us enough information to ascertain what kind of emergency it is. This is especially important if your pet is very sick, so that our veterinary team can prepare some of the emergency treatments to save time when you arrive, and can meet you at the door with a stretcher if your pet is unable to walk.
  • Our veterinary surgeons will always see and treat the pet that is most in need of urgent help first, so there may be a wait before our vet sees you and your pet.
  • If there is going to be any significant delay, one of our qualified veterinary nurses will perform a triage assessment to ensure there will be no risk to your pet from the delay. If the nurse has any concerns, they may admit your pet to the treatment area to provide first aid such as oxygen therapy and pain relief.
  • If you have any concerns about your pet while waiting to see the veterinary surgeon, speak to the receptionist or nurse, please don't sit and worry.
  • Once the veterinary surgeon has examined your pet, they will discuss with you any tests that may need to be run and any treatment that needs to be given. You will also be given an estimate of costs at this stage.

Our Client Charter

At Vets Now we care passionately about your pet; their wellbeing is paramount to us and when they need our help, we will be here for them. We want you to know that your pet will get the best possible care. You and your pet will be treated as individuals and you can expect the following from us (and if we don't meet these expectations, you can let us know). Our Client Charter promises that:

  • We will listen to your concerns and ensure that we pay particular attention to what you and your pet are telling us.
  • We will fully explain any procedures we expect to undertake.
  • Options to care for your pet will be given so that together we can make a joint decision about the best treatment for your pet. We will also discuss the costs involved with compassion and with the genuine interest of your pet in mind.
  • If your pet has to stay with us, they will be regularly monitored and updates on their progress will be given to you. You are welcome to call us at any time for an update.
  • When your pet is discharged, we will always ensure that you receive all the information need to take them home or onwards daytime vet.
  • Your daytime vet will be updated about pet’s visit to us.

…and all of this will be delivered in a friendly and compassionate manner from our dedicated and professional team. We know that you are here because you are worried about your pet.

Be assured, they are in safe hands.