Weasel is glad to be back with his chickens!

WeaselIt all started on a Friday when I visited my vets as my mummy was concerned I wasn’t being myself, lethargic, quiet and not chomping my food.

My name was called, "Weasel" please, I was weighed and checked over and then it all hit home. I wasn't well and a drip was inserted straight away, my gums were near white and had a temperature of 41.5, but I just wanted to round my chickens up and look after them like a border collie would, but mummy knows best so I stayed at the vets.

Being a Friday; mummy and daddy needed to transfer me to an out of hours clinic which was Vets Now in Royal Tunbridge Wells, so I could be closely monitored.
Over the weekend I felt weak and wobbly and had many blood samples taken and three different antibiotics as nobody knew the cause! But I was in safe hands and mummy and daddy visited as much as possible. I overheard them talking to the vet, and the concern was (apart from the high temperature) that my body was not making any white blood cells or if I was they were dying off straight away. So I either had a mega virus or cancer!!

Mummy and daddy looked sad and concerned but were saying lovely positive stuff to me to keep my hairy chin up (I could tell tears had flowed). Monday morning arrives and I’m transferred back to my vets, temperature still dangerously high and feeling generally rough, now feeling like a pin cushion with more blood samples taken and temperature taking. Monday evening and I’m allowed home for the night as I had eaten and drunk water but by Tuesday morning I’m back again being monitored, temperature now near normal and still off drip. I had an x-ray and I was so good I just lied there for them as I knew they had a job to do (I just kept thinking of my chickens, and how much they must be missing me). The x-ray was clear, so no cancer there, woof woof I thought. I did have an enlarged spleen but with the long term temperature I had that was to be expected and white cells are on the way up!

It's now Friday and having popped into the vets many more times I’m feeling a lot better, I’m still on my medication to control temperature and to fight this so called nasty virus, I just hope this isn’t covering up an underlying problem like cancer, but for the moment I’m just glad to be back with my chickens and mummy and daddy.

Thank you all at the Vets Now clinic, I felt you really understood me xxxx

Love Weasel