Tia's Story

Due to Tia’s owners’ vigilance her cancerous mast cell tumour was caught early with no visible spread.

Tia2Tia Fraser first visited us following surgery to remove a lump on her perineal area, which turned out to be a cancerous mast cell tumour. These types of tumour can spread throughout the body and internal organs if not treated quickly. Tia was checked all over for signs of any other disease, and an ultrasound of her abdomen was performed - but thanks to Tia’s owners’ vigilance, the mass was caught early with no visible spread.

The mass was sent away and analysed by laboratory specialists, and identified as high grade, which is a more aggressive type of cancer. As a precaution Tia was given a twelve week course of chemotherapy injections to prevent the cancer reoccurring. This involved weekly visits to Vets Now Hospital in Glasgow for four weeks, then a visit every fortnight for another four weeks. Tia’s blood was taken at each visit to monitor her white blood cell levels, as a side effect of the chemotherapy can cause numbers to drop, which would make the Tia prone to infections. Happily Tia remained healthy and waggy-tailed throughout her treatment.

Tia’s had her final dose of chemotherapy last week, and dressed up for the occasion. As you can see she very much enjoyed all the fuss!

Tia will return to us for regular checkups to monitor for any signs of the disease but paws crossed she will remain in remission. Congratulations, Tia!